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Sock it too Me 2009!

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February 13, 2009


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WOW!!! What great news! Just in time for a lovely, long, Valentine-y weekend!

And I'm seeing some good nicknames in there. Andy for a boy, Eppie for a girl. Or Hydro and Drossie? Piandro and Ronee?

That first day of school will indeed be a killer, though-- I remember the intense mortification (oh, the pain!) of publicly correcting my measly little "Kathleen" to "Katie." I wish him or her luck in this character-building endeavor. :>

Baby Smiling In Back Seat

That's great! I hope that the antrals bode well for the eggs and embryos!

Dhea is so close to Rhea. Those could be good twin names.


that is awesome! I'd be leaning towards going ahead as well, but I think your husband's question is worth answering. Either way... Woohoo!


i, too, am excited about these antrals..


Yee's so nice to read such a positive entry...I don't know what else to say, other than yippee kai eh...

Bee Cee

That's great news about the antrical follicle count - well done you.

Oh and as for the milk and water thing, they say that the water helps as follicles drink the stuff in bucket loads during a cycle and the milk helps with the egg collection process. Who knows if it makes a difference but if the clinic with the best results in the UK says do it, who am I to question why!

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