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Sock it too Me 2009!

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January 23, 2009


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nice to see you feeling do great! :)


I'm doing the happy dance for you and I have no doubt that I will be doing the SUPER happy dance for you and Dave soon. I know that getting there is painful and all the paths aren't your ideal, but I am so glad that you and Dave have decided to become parents. Your kids are going to be frikin lucky-duckies regardless of how they arrive. Do you know how cool you guys are and how many shitty parents there are in this world. Talk about winning the parent lottery: )Chu-ching.

You took the plunge into South Beach hu? Brave soul.Better than WW?

I love ya chica!


I'm bloody tired. But that's par for the course.

Good news on the FSH, 8 is great :)

Yes, I said that purely because it rhymes and I am a dork when fatigued.



Wow, I'm inspired that you can do a happy dance while infertile. Maybe I'll try one on for size? xo

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