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December 13, 2008


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i'm still hoping for dividing, even though, from what you say, odds are bad.
so icky. sorry.


Oh shit.

I am so sorry.

Your message in caps is so well spoken, the amount of women I know who take it for granted....

Again, I am sorry,




Well that really bites. We did estrogen priming. You should call my clinic and have a free phone consultation. Just see if they'd do anything differently for you. I believe in trusting you dr's protocol once you've made the leap, but can't hurt to get another opinion in between cycles, esp if it's your last. I'm so so sorry, sarah.


Holy sh*t. I'm so sorry to hear that. xo


Holy Sh*t. I'm so sorry to hear that. xo


Oh no! I'm so sorry. I'm just so sorry. xo

Les Make Babies

I am so sorry. I wasn't expecting to see this message this morning. I'm just so, so sorry.

Les Make Babies

I'm so sorry. I wasn't expecting to see this post this morning. There are just no words.


Oh my...I'm so sorry.


Oh Sarah I am so sorry. I was sent for a loop by this today. I was so hopeful this cycle for you. Nothing but hugs for you today. You are in my thoughts.


Good advice! Of course I heard it, but assumed it didn't apply to me. I still think it doesn't! I had good embryos, good eggs, low fsh . . .just couldn't make a healthy baby. Can I still blame MFI if the DE worked?

Sigh . . .

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope somehow your 4 cell is the embryo that could.

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