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October 04, 2008


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Ouch!You've been through a lot. I'm sorry, honey.


Oh, I am so sorry.

What else is there to say?

Enjoy your s's as much as you can in the circumstances,



Oh Sarah I am so so very very sorry.
I think I am always looking at the bigger picture. This door closes a window shall open. But where is that window? I need fresh air and I need it now. Then I start to get the closed in feeling.
I cannot imagine the pain you must be in.
So what shall I say? Me the girl who always has the words find that I am at a loss.
Love to you and your hubby.


God, I'm sorry. Wishing I could pour the sake for you.


Sushi, sake, and sex might be very pleasant at the same time, who knows? Just be careful with the wasabi. :>

If I can't think of anything brilliant to say, I can at least try to make you laugh. Are you laughing yet, or do I need to start talking about tuna hand rolls?

I love you guys, and so admire the way you support each other and are working to become even closer through all of this. What a comfort that must be. And what a positive, sustaining, and well-earned outcome, no matter what else happens.

Thinking of you...

cat, galloping

I'm sorry. That sucks.

Ellen K.

I'm so sorry.


That sucks. You two are going through so much right now, I have to echo Kate's comment- I hope you are able to get warmth and validation that your relationship is so strong and only getting stronger through this process, painful as it is. Here's finding and enjoying of all the wonderful parts of you life right now- and to sake/sushi/sex!! All our love to you...


:( I still here rootin' for you.

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