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October 30, 2008


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Wow. Next IVF in December, not bad! And thumbs up for upping the gonal and menopur. You go girl!

Bee Cee

Wow a lot has happened since last stopped by. I am so so sorry wasn't here when you had your rough time. I feel awful. I just had to get away from obsessing over reading blogs. But now I have dramatically cut my google reader subscriptions and I am here for you. Anytime. And from the looks of it, our stories are mirroring...last cycle before moving on. Let's hold hand together. Have a good weekend with your lovely hubby.


Hi...still hanging around here, sending good thoughts and often laughing out loud because you can be really funny. :)
I hope the next few months go well for you. The holidays can be stressful all by themselves, so be kind to yourself. :)

cat, galloping

oh then we are maybe really on the same schedule! I start stims on the 27th.

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